I’ve been feeling that newcomers to TagShadow need a quick introduction of what the website actually does. There is now a short slide show which does this. Let me know what you think.

I played around with Google’s new font API. I think Inconsolata gives the site a slicker feel.

I started pulling together a plan for general navigation on the site and updated the look of the search page to conform more with the new homepage.

[update] I also decided to add a “Most Recently Updated TagShadows” section on the homepage. This will update in real-time as I process TagShadows. This section was inspired by another small feature I added this morning. Works that have been tagged but not yet processed will now show up in the list of works on a TagShadow, even though they don’t yet show on the TagShadow plot. Check out the Space Opera TagShadow that I’m working on right now, as I read through The New Space Opera 2.