Now you can add tags too!

May 10, 2010

Well, you’ll be able to in 24 hours or so, but I wanted to document what I got done this weekend.

This is what I accomplished over the weekend. A dialog (pictured for Finch on the Novel TagShadow) where you can add tags, driven by data that was already on the page, so it’s fast. I also cleaned up the data and stored it elsewhere on the page so that successive calls to the dialog would be even faster. I settled on a method for uniquely identifying visitors without forcing a login. I wrote and tested the AJAX connectivity that I’ll use to save the tags when the dialog is closed. While I was working on the page I also fixed a CSS issue that had been bugging me.

All I have left to do is the database work on the server side of the AJAX call. I should be able to knock that out tonight! Then I’ll probably finish off some data importing that I’m almost done with. After that … well … I’ve been brainstorming some VERY ambitious (yet subtle) functionality that I’m excited to start working on.


One Response to “Now you can add tags too!”

  1. mentatjack Says:

    And the “Add Tag” functionality now works. Some TagShadows may still be cached server side, but explore around a bit and you’ll find one you can add tags to!

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