Google, Google and more Google (and VigLink)

May 6, 2010

I already use Google a TON as I develop TagShadow:

I read [an article I can’t seem to find] about Google Ventures which pointed me at VigLink which they’re funding. In the second to last point above I griped about how frustrating and/or time consuming generating affiliate links can be… and that’s after you figure out how to sign up for a given book seller’s affiliate program. VigLink does all of this for you. After adding one chunk of JavaScript to your website, you can start just linking to the stuff you want to link to. If that link could have been an affiliate link VigLink makes sure it’ll get treated like one, without making any permanent changes to your website.

This is awesome in more ways than most people will find interesting, but mainly it takes a large weight off of my shoulders and lets me concentrate on more interesting things when I get development time for TagShadow. YAY VigLink!


One Response to “Google, Google and more Google (and VigLink)”

  1. mentatjack Says:

    I encountered an issue shortly after I installed the VigLink code on my site. Luckily they had the issue fixed within 24 hours of my reporting it. That’s awesome.

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