Improved Zoom

April 15, 2010

This was a neat piece of functionality that I think encapsulates some of what various people have been asking for with TagShadow. Basically, when you zoom in on a tag shadow ( you can drag to select a square to zoom to ) it now reduces the tags on the left to only the ones associated with the current view. You can even use this to zoom in on a single work…

Before Zoom

After Zoom

You can test that here. Once I’m confident it’s working correctly I’ll start spreading this functionality out to the rest of the TagShadows. One issue that this functionality brings glaringly into focus is overlapping points. I have a fixed planned for this – a “jigger” function that’ll introduce a slight amount of chaos into the data so that no 2 points will ever be exactly on top of each other. I’m going to try and write that as a plugin for Flot, which I find to be quite exciting!


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