Strange Horizons II

April 3, 2010

I’ve completed the first step of my strange horizons project. That means I’ve entered ALL Strange Horizons stories into TagShadow. I haven’t read them all yet, but I used the search categories on Strange Horizons to mark which ones were science fiction, fantasy, super heroes, etc. I entered authors and illustrators and marked which stories have a creative commons license. I used my new favorite addon to mark the stories as flash fiction (< 1,000 words), short story or novelette (7,500+ words). And I entered the year each story was published.

While entering all the data, sundry things came to my attention. I noticed that there are no stories flagged as science fiction after 2007. Plenty were flagged both science fiction and fantasy. There was one book excerpt (Lion’s Blood) . A lot of the two part stories still ran under novelette length. I was already familiar with 2 of the monthly flash fiction series Tales of the Zodiac by Jenn Reese and Other Cities and was delighted to discover a third Green Grow the Rushes, Oh by Jay Lake.

Head over to TagShadow and check out the newly updated Strange Horizons Tagshadow. You may or may not notice, but I made two pretty substantial technical improvements that should increase the performance of all TagShadows. I’ll write a more detailed post on that later as I have a few more technical updates in the pipeline.


2 Responses to “Strange Horizons II”

  1. Jenn Reese Says:

    Hey Steven!!

    I’m hugely impressed that you got all the SH stories in tag shadow — wow!

    I have two requests to add to your list.
    1. Can you make the reset button more obvious and closer to the tag shadow window? It’s a key piece of usability, and I don’t think you should have to scroll down or find it in a block of text.

    2. I still don’t understand what the X and Y axes represent. Is there any way to label them? I was looking at SH clusters, but had no idea why they were clustered that way. I don’t understand the information I’m seeing, and I really want to.


  2. mentatjack Says:

    First, thanks for the comment. My largest desire for this project is for it to become a starting point for discussion and thus all input is greatly appreciated.

    1) This is something I can do! In fact, I may go ahead and look at that right now.

    2) The X axis corresponds to “how things are most different.” Obviously I need to find a better way to express this. I’ll think about it and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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